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G12 Bäckar Bright

Gravity 12

This is one of two artworks released as a special bright and dark version of the main theme from the Gravity 12 collection. First artworks made with the algorithm was released in the end of January 2021. On the 3rd of July it was released on Artblocks, stored immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain in a release of 512 unique artworks.

GRAVITY IS A GENERATIVE ART PROJECT where art is genererated out of one single algorithm. The aim is to create imagery that governed by the laws of nature, evokes emotions and brings the viewer’s minds to life. The main feature of the algorithm is built around gravity and anti gravity. It’s like a magnetic field where a pencil attracts or repels to nodes of different color and magnitude. The number stands for the version of the algorithm. For each release the code evolves as well as its expression. Gravity 12 is the first working version of the algorithm.

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